Amy Specter

Licensed Therapist & School Counselor

Licensed marriage and family therapist and credentialed school counselor with over a decade of experience providing academic and psychosocial support to youth. Beginning conversational Spanish skills. Case managed student academic progress, 504 Plans and AVID program. Provided classroom guidance on issues including bullying, sexual harassment, puberty education and high school decision making. Utilized data on academic achievement to create individualized student behavior education plans. Created student clubs including Psychology Club, lunch bunch, and girls’ groups. Implemented school culture initiatives and served on Positive Behavior Interventions and Support committee. Assisted with scheduling and state testing. Trained in school threat assessment. Amy is a passionate advocate for youth development. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and credentialed school counselor with over a decade of experience working in schools with at-risk youth. Bag sprints are her favorite form of self care!

Justin Kinder

Licensed marriage and family therapist and President and CEO of Kinder’s BBQ. Justin has oversight in the planning and development of the Fighters Against Human Trafficking campaign and works closely with Sean and the youth program. Justin grew up in Martinez, CA and attended Alhambra High School, he has developed considerable knowledge of the at-risk youth and human trafficking world which encouraged him to get involved with Feet First Foundation, his purpose is to help the community by empowering the youth through the Feet First Boxing program. He is proud to continue his family’s legacy of contributing time and resources to the communities in which Kinder’s operates

Fred Ferrer

Licensed marriage and family therapist and Fred Ferrer has been a part of Feet First Foundation from day one. Started out talking to the kids in the program to speaking at fundraisers and various events. Fred was one of the lead executives for Feet First Day, a day to recognize to stand up for strong character. Fred has been in law enforcement for over 20 years. His passion to work with the youth extends to being a community liaison between schools / parents / students. Fred was born in New Jersey, came to California when he was a sophmore. Spent 15 years at Chevron Corporate Offices, and now with the Martinez Police Department. His community work and leadership is exactly what Feet First Foundation instills into its program participants. Fred is married with three children, and two step children. He understands the pressure and choices kids in society face today, Fred with his community leadership helps as many kids possible to stay on track.

Dr. Jaromy Bell

Licensed marriage and family therapist and Dr. Bell’s goal is to help rehabilitate people from injuries as soon as possible so that they can do the things they love. He uses in his treatments chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Technique (muscle work combined with stretching), and rehabilitation to teach them how to prevent the problem from returning. Dr. Bell graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic with his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree as well as a Masters in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Bell has had advanced training in treating muscle and joint injuries, sports injuries, TMJ, and musculoskeletal pains in pregnancy. Dr. Bells focus with Feet First Foun>dation is making sure the kids and survivors are structurally fit and not injured for the workout, and he also serves as a trainer for the kids program.

Yasmin Vanegas

Yasmin is a single mother and Bay Area resident started her involvement with Feet First Foundation when she heard about how the organization could help her teenage son. After her son’s enrollment in the program it wasn’t much longer that her twin daughters wanted to join as well. Witnessing the positive results and empowerment of her own children made her an advocate for the Feet First program. When Yasmin is not working as a Children’s Ministry leader, a volunteer coordinator, and event coordinator at her church, she is finding ways to help and serve within her community. As a single parent, Yasmin is passionate about partnering with parents to help their kids thrive and find their purpose. As such, she leads a single moms group to expand her community reach and fulfill her passion. Yasmin is a hope pusher, and enjoys being able to build up leaders. She spends her free time as a makeup artist, volunteering, having fun with her kids, and going on hikes. “I believe in being the change we desperately need to see, in the world we are living. Our future resides within our children and youth, and we are called to build them up to be men and women of excellent character and integrity.”

John Martin

Works with local union leaders helps Feet First Foundation with fundraising. In addition to this works with Sean regarding guest speakers and special events. John is a long time member and friend of Sean Sharkey and has been a strong supporter of the amateur and pro boxers at Fightkore Gym in Martinez. John brings a lot of influence to the organization.

Steven M. Peterson LCSW #23821, CADCIII

Steven has been a clinical social worker since 1986. Steve has extensive experience with treating family members of addicts and alcoholics. He specializes in treating clients with co-existing mental health and substance abuse disorders. He also works extensively with individuals coping with separation and divorce. Currently, Steve teaches courses in Relapse Prevention, Dual Disorders, Group Facilitation, Motivational Interviewing and Ethics at Diablo Valley College in the Addiction Studies. He worked as an Ad Hoc professor at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee for ten years and served as the lead research therapist at the Center for Addiction and Behavioral Health Research in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Steve believes firmly in evidence-based practice for the treatment of co-occurring disorders and involved in several large research projects combining medications for alcohol craving with psycho-social therapies. His empathetic and solutions-oriented approach has helped a significant number of clients. Steve’s therapeutic orientation comes from Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance, and Commitment Therapy; Solutions Focused Therapy and the Family Systems approach. Steve believes that treatment for craving management is an essential key to success with substance abuse clients as well as early intervention.