Feet First Foundation Character Certification Program

 In General

The Character Certification Program is 36-month commitment that awards each participant a certificate of character upon completing the required behavioral, mental, and physical training. The goal is for this certificate to be recognized as a quick “stamp of approval” by the local community, on college applications, as well as job applications – anyone having the Feet First Foundation Certificate of Character will be automatically recognized an exemplary member of society.

This Certificate of Character will help easily identify people with distinction in job applications, college applications, and the local community. Program participants can include anyone from children who are trying to market themselves on a college / job application, to adults seeking to add a free and easy way to showcase their exemplary character to society. Each participant will learn ideals such as the “Feet First Oath”, “Feet First Law”, “Feet First Code”, and join their own “Feet First Parish” group to grow together holistically.

The program will be divided into three parts:

Year 1: Apprenticeship The participant will be paired with several 3-year students in a four week time-span to learn as quickly as possible and become more comfortable

Year 2: Application The participant will focus on applying the program values to real-life encounters and describe them in their profile.

Year 3: Mentorship The participant will undergo a four-week mentorship pairing with other “First Year” members of the program and switch (unless they request to stay together)

Each participant will receive public recognition as well as a certificate upon completion of the program.

For all inquiries please contact Brandon Kregel by calling (833)339-9111 x 4 or email Brandon@feetfirstnp.org.

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