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The Reason for Feet First

The key is to clearly understand the difference between Feet First and Youth Violence

Feet First: Feet First’s comprehensive program promotes discipline, self-awareness, empathy, and self-control, all while building self-confidence AND increasing focus.

Youth Violence: Youth violence is impulsive use of physical force, especially physical force utilized with malice and/or the attempt to harm someone –>  No discipline, No self-awareness, No empathy, No focus.

Feet First Foundation fosters a familial environment to build leadership skills and accountability – Many at-risk children are hardly ever exposed to a supportive familial environment because their parents are often neglectful and overwhelmed with their own personal issues. At-risk children have a consistent avenue through Feet First Foundation to get the support and encouragement needed to be successful.

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“We teach Character thru the Art of Textbook Boxing

The Feet First Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization that promotes a program combining textbook boxing and emotional teachings all to develop an identity in students. We provide a program to get students to focus, develop self-confidence, and overall strong character.


Boxing training regimens force specific full-body techniques that help re-wire detrimental neurophysiological activity stemming from traumatic experiences – Feet First tailors this program to each participant so he / she always feels comfortable, focused, and disciplined while working through the physical activities. In a special group study the following was reported 75% reduction in depression, 75% reduction in anger, 74% reduction in anxiety, and 100% eliminated suicidal thoughts. These numbers reflect participants in a high school setting. The Feet First training, especially when done in groups, is a phenomenal way to quickly build self-confidence because it is simple and any youth / adult with arms can participate. Feet First Foundation has helped countless of students in schools and in communities.


Each participant regularly completes written and video behavioral assessments which are integral to tracking the progress and success of the program. Feet First teaches students to rebuild their confidence using the theory of textbook boxing principals to overcome anger, depression, and anxiety, making the program an alternative therapy center for the at-risk youth population, anyone facing any type of overwhelming trauma, and feeling of disconnection.


Items we cover include:









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  • Hi Sean. Here is my testimonial: 
    I am the parent and guardian of 10 children, 5 of whom are still under the age of 18, and all of whom have been through some kind of trauma. We have done our best to provide them with healthy lifestyle activities and with opportunities that promote healing and self confidence. But, as you can imagine, that is an expensive endeavor and so the possibilities have been limited. We found Feet First through a mutual non-profit partner last year and I was immediately struck with the story and heart behind the program. Finally I had found somebody with a heart to protect and fight for the children it seemed no one else was willing to take the time and expense to fight for.
    Dan and Sean are serious about their mission to equip this generation with confidence and healthy habits that will enable them to make different choices than they have been the victims of. Both men bring wisdom, experience, and encouragement to the table for these youth to grab ahold of. They believe in the kids, and the kids can feel it. My children walk taller, stand stronger, and love themselves more because they feel worth it, because Feet First has provided a service that, in my opinion, is invaluable to any struggling or at-risk youth. This is a golden opportunity which has the potential to reroute any life, and I highly recommend it.
    Chantelle Alvarez Parent / Guardian of 10 at-risk children
  • Dan and Company,
    Thank you again for the strides your organization has made and continues to make regarding caring for our youth.
    I happily recall the days of my youth when the family would visit my maternal grandfather who was both a professional boxer and wrestler. My grandfather would always advise that a fit body ensured a fit mind. I truly believe my grandfather was right!
    Again, thank you for the Feet First Foundation and for your commitment to our youth.
    Respectfully, John Ismen.

    John Ismen John Ismen - Senior Project Manager - Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
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